• Housing, Affordability, and Development - There is no issue more critical to the residents of Cambridge than affordability. It is the central issue of my campaign and my most important role as a City Councillor. I believe that a comprehensive approach must be taken to stabilize the raising housing costs in Cambridge and improve upon the methods that the city uses to regulate development in the city. Click Here to see my full plan

• Community Focus - As Cambridge considers its future, we deserve a Council that listens and responds to the people. Community groups must be included at the table. All too often, neighborhood associations and concerned citizens are ignored by the city and by the Council. I may not always agree with these concerned residents but being confronted with the ideas of other people makes the city's plans better. In this city, where we have such pride in our diversity and democratic values, it should be even more important to respect those who take part in public discourse.

• Preparing our Children - Cambridge is a city of Innovation. We know that early education is essential. We must guarantee Pre-K education to all of our children in order to equip them for the future. Currently only 40% of Cambridge children have seats in Cambridge pre-Kindergarten education. This needs to change. There is plenty of money available in the tax base to provide for this. Education is a right of every child and we must do everything possible to prepare our children for the future. 

• Sustainable Growth - Climate Change is fact, Cambridge must do its part to prepare. I led efforts passing the plastic bag ban, sponsored the Netzero ordinance and designed many sustainable projects. I have been a supporter of the Charles River Conservancy for years and am an ardent environmentalist. I have worked to reduce Cambridge's environmental impact, both through conservation and through sustainable initiatives such as moving to using renewable energy in municipal buildings.

• Transportation - Cambridge is one of the densest cities in the country. We need to improve our transportation systems to handle that traffic. As former chair of the Transportation Committee, I fought for upgrading our transit system. The Red Line is at or near capacity every day and we need to do our part to support increasing that capacity. This can accomplished by updating the control systems in place and allowing for more trains on the tracks. While increasing capacity on our most important public transit option, we also need to look into more local fixes. We need to increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians along the major roads of Cambridge. The squares in Cambridge are filled with traffic most of the day and do not have nearly the number of crosswalks and safety provisions for pedestrians. 

• Public Spaces - With the incredible density in Cambridge, it is essential that we maintain the open space that we currently have and do more to increase it. Development will only increase the shadow of buildings, increase the number of people in the squares and make it more expensive to build parks in the future. We must act now to ensure that all new projects in Cambridge are analyzed and mitigated in order to reduce the impact on the residents of that neighborhood. Public space is needed for a community to thrive.